Your Student Guide to University Societies

university rowing society

You’ll meet hundreds of people during your university time. Some will become friends for life, others, not-so-much. Finding like-minded people in your new-found home isn’t as easy as you might think. There’ll be people from all over, all with different ideas, interests and behaviours.

Don’t panic, though. There’s one tried and tested way to meet similar students to yourself – and that’s societies.

Here’s the Freshers Guide to university societies.

Why Join A Society

Societies are a place to explore a hobby, interest or even continue a passion. If you’ve done something your whole childhood, why wouldn’t you continue it at university? It can help you feel a bit closer to home, all while enjoying something that’s been a part of your life for years. But even for beginners, a society can help give you the confidence to try something you’re interested in.

Though it’s the social aspect that has thousands of students from across the country scrambling to get their signature down for their society of choice. Meeting people with the same interests and characteristics as you is a guaranteed way to make fresher friends for life.

Which Society For You?

You won’t believe how many different societies there are. There’s no excuse! Play football? Get your boots on. Trekkie? Beam me up, Scotty. Food fan? Grab a fork. You might even find a Quidditch society. Take a look at your prospective university’s offerings.

Whether you’re a hero in your hometown, a casual amateur or even a complete beginner; most university societies will have a place for you, so don’t be afraid to try anything. Though for some sports-based societies, they may have a trial-based application process, especially at the more athletic universities.

The Freshers’ Fair

The Freshers’ Fair takes place every freshers’ week, each year. It’s packed full of helpful information, student saving vouchers and, sometimes, FREE PIZZA! But away from the free food, the freshers’ fair is a worthwhile place to explore.

And if you’re unsure which society to join, your university freshers’ fair will have representatives on-hand to help give you as much information as possible. Most will charge a small fee for joining, but the cost more than outweighs the social worth it can give you throughout your university years.