Your Student Guide To Staying Organised At University

staying organised, organised student
Staying organised is key to having the best time at university. Don’t listen to that one housemate who always manages to get a first, even though they ‘started’ their essay three hours before. They’re lying to you.

If you get your academic shit together, you’ll have more spare time to enjoy the better parts of student life. After all, you’re only at university to go out, get drunk and make memories for life, aren’t you?

But for when you do decide to try and get a degree, let’s hope this guide keeps you on a clear and planned path.

Here’s how to stay organised at university.

A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind

All those years of parent nagging has finally hit home. You finally understand what having a tidy room means. Some of you probably realised this way before university, others, well, didn’t. A clean, tidy and organised room leads to a clean, tidy and organised mind.

Try to keep clutter to a minimum. You don’t need to go full throttle Marie Kondo. Does your GSCE fossil brushing kit spark joy? Probably not. Pack the things you need, things that have meaning and things that make you happy. Remember, you’re not going to Mars. If you need anything, you can always buy it.

Stationary Is Your New Best Friend

One thing that can help is stationary. Some people are self-confessed stationaryphiles, others survived five years of school without a pen to their name. You might be somewhere in the middle.

Things like calendars and diaries are super-useful for quick glances. Use highlighters for important notes and try to keep a folder of physical documents for each module you’re studying. Depending on your course, you might not have too many pieces of paper to keep. That just means the ones you do have are important. Keep them easily accessible for when deadline panic sets.

Organise Yourself Online

We live in a digital world. Most of what you need will be online. The internet is bigger than any filing cabinet in the world – there’s a lot of clutter out there. Your university will hopefully keep what you need in a tidy fashion on its own student portals. For other stuff, it’s down to you.

Keep an online calendar that can be accessed on different devices. Keep one internet browser for uni stuff and another for personal. There will be a time when you NEED those 50+ tabs open at all times, but who wants to think about essays when you’re re-watching Friends for the 15th time to help cure your loneliness. That’s too much stress for anyone.


Keeping daily, monthly, term and annual plans is the best way to help you achieve the high goals you’ve set yourself. This will no doubt keep you on the path to success, whether that’s in university or not.

But also, don’t be so hard on yourself. Life happens and plans change. You’ll change, too. Just keep a focus on each day, with a view to the future, and you’ll be well on your way to that 2:1, or even a first.

Hopefully this guide has given you something worthwhile to take into your adult life. Being organised is about finding what works for you and how it can make your life easier. It’s there to relieve stress, not cause it. Good luck.