How to Meet People and Make Friends at University

meet people at university

Leaving home for university is an exciting, liberating and nerve-wracking time. For the first time ever, you’re out on your own, away from your family and hometown friends. It’s time for a new chapter. Here’s an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

It comes naturally for some. At university, not everyone is the same. To help make it a little easier, here’s some advice and wisdom that will help turn those freshers’ nerves into a distant memory.

Be The Most Open Version Of Yourself That You Can Be

Everyone is in the same boat. You’ll all have similar worries and thoughts. The sooner you realise that, the easier it will be.

Leave your door open and take the first steps in making the effort with your new fresher family. There’ll be people less nervous than you, but there’ll also be people more nervous than you. If you take the initiative, you’ll soon find yourself with a contact book longer than your reading list.

Social Media Is Your New Best Friend

Even before you decided which course you want to study, friendly people at your university will have already been helping you find that first friendship group. Facebook freshers’ groups and chats are a tried and tested way to meet like-minded students before you even open a book.

Engage with your new-found online community. Help each other out, ask questions, make jokes and present yourself in the same way you would in the physical world. You wouldn’t believe the amount of friends-for-life that have been made through your university freshers’ groups.

Say Yes To Everything

Especially in your first couple of weeks. You can’t say yes to everything all year, but doing everything you can early on is the best way to get out there and meet as many people as possible. Flat parties, Spoons’ pre-drinks and freshers’ events will make forming those first friendship groups a little easier.

Take part in course meet-ups, study sessions or even join a society. Your first few weeks at university is all about meeting as many people as you can. But don’t stop once you do have that solid friendship group. At university, new friends are found at every corner. Make these years of your life the best you possibly can.

Meeting people at university for the first time isn’t easy. Hopefully this guide can help put you on your way – and when you do have your squad together – secure your UV Neon Rave tickets and make freshers week memories to last a lifetime.